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The 7 Most Important Parts You Should Replace In a Trampoline

Trampolines are used by kids to play and have some fun.

After it has been in use for a long period, trampolines start to wear off.

Some areas on the trampoline start to show evidence of being torn, and some stitches on the Matt will start coming off.

When evidence of wear and […]

Top 5 Benefits of Zinc Coated Trampoline Springs and Trampoline Steel Tubes

Coating iron or steel with zinc is called galvanization.

Galvanization can be defined as the process of applying zinc to iron or steel through the use of electro chemical and electro deposition process.

Galvanized steel and springs known for its durability, corrosion resistance and more importantly, its affordability.

Galvanized steel is used in […]

Best Material For The Trampoline Mats

Trampoline mat, also referred to at the trampoline bed or jumping bed forms an integral part of any trampoline.

Without it, a trampoline is considered useless.

Trampolining is considered one of the best forms of exercises due to the many health benefits associated with it.

When jumping on the trampoline mat, you experience […]

Why The Trampoline Need a Trampoline Safety Net

Safety should be the first concern of any trampoline owner.

But, does your trampoline have a trampoline safety net?

Many parents are still unaware that they can purchase trampolines that come complete with safety net enclosures.

The safety net enclosures are advantageous because they reduce the risks associated with using a trampoline.

It’s obvious […]

What is The Trampoline Ladder Made Of

A trampoline ladder is one of the most important trampoline accessories that you must have.

It allows easy access not only for older jumpers but also for the young ones who cannot reach the surface of the trampoline mat.

When you install a trampoline ladder, your children are less likely to jump […]

Trampoline Spring Tool:How to use it

Have you heard of people using dish cloth to undo trampoline springs?

Or a pair of pliers?

And claiming that anything is possible if you put your mind to do it?

Yes, I also agree that anything is possible if you put your mind to do it, but using your hands or dish […]

Why You Need The Trampoline Foam Sleeves

Does your trampoline have trampoline foam sleeves?

Do you know what trampoline foam sleeves are?

Look, in this article,

I will tell you what trampoline foam sleeves are and why it is important that you install them in your backyard trampoline.
What is a trampoline foam sleeve?
A trampoline foam sleeve is a foam cushion that […]

What You Should Know About Trampoline Plastic Parts

Trampoline plastics products are nowadays found everywhere all over the world.

Their usage range from being employed in the development of highly advanced technological device to the creation of simple common household commodities.

Plastic can therefore be used to manufacture various trampoline parts such as plastic trampoline ladders (are helpful in aiding […]

Is There Need For Replacement Spring For Trampoline Safety Pads?

The springs are the most vital part of a trampoline as they handle the bouncing effect on the trampoline.


Together with the mat, the trampoline springs are made to stretch out/ simply elastic, so as to provide the required tension for a user to bounce up and down the equipment.

For this […]