Trampoline mat, also referred to at the trampoline bed or jumping bed forms an integral part of any trampoline.

Trampoline mats set

Without it, a trampoline is considered useless.

Trampolining is considered one of the best forms of exercises due to the many health benefits associated with it.

When jumping on the trampoline mat, you experience a G-force during every bounce.

These forces strengthen bones, muscles and cells.

All these can only be achieved if your trampoline has a good quality jumping mat.

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The best material for the trampoline mat should be made of Polypropylene.


Polypropylene is the safest material for trampoline mats in the trampoline market.

The fibers are heavily woven to make a buoyantly webbed fabric.

The fabric is then thermally interlocked to provide a smoother stabilized surface that can withstand constant flexing and stress.

The resulting material is then made into different shapes ranging from rectangular, round, square or hexagonal shapes.

They are not only available in standard design but also in custom design to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of customers.

Reasons why  polypropylene the best material for trampoline mats

It exhibits the unique characteristics of a rebounding surface as discussed below:

1.It is strong and durable

The high carbon  polypropylene fabric that is used to make the trampoline bed gives this fabric woven tensile high strength.

The thread used to stitch thaw fabric edge and the spring connectors are also very strong to withstand years of use.

This material maintains high strength even in the toughest environments.

It doesn’t break down like other fabrics that are used to make the jumping mat such as canvas, nylon, or plastic.

2.It is smooth

When a jumper falls against it with bare skin the fabric feels smooth and cannot bruise a rebounder.

The mat is placed under nearly 200 tons of pressure in a 1600 degree oil drum bath resulting in that smooth textured surface.

3.It has excellent UV protection

Permatron polypropylene material is resistant to UV rays.

This will prevent fading and the mat will be able to stand years of exposure to direct sunlight.

The UV resistant material used in making the mat also helps it to maintain strength.

4.Its flexible

Permatron polypropylene is flexible but does not stretch.

It’s the trampoline springs that attached the mat to the frame that stretch to give a bounce.

The material makes a firm and stable jumping surface while at the same tie,

it remains simple enough to cushion joints and provide a low impact exercise.

This material does not permanently crease or fold and always retains its original flat position.

5.It is mildew resistant

Permatron polypropylene allows no moisture absorption.

It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor because it resists weather conditions such as sunlight and precipitation

6.Anti- slip

Permatron polypropylene material is anti- slip.

This makes it safe. You don’t have to worry about you or your kids slipping and getting injured after wrong landing.


Sometimes when it’s snowing large amounts of snow may collect on the mat and make it sag when it’s left outdoor.

To ensure that your trampoline mat serves you longer you should buy a trampoline cover to go over the trampoline.

Alternatively, you can always dismantle the whole structure and keep it indoor when it’s not in use or during bad weather.


However the jumping mat can wear out due to frequent use over the years, then it is sensible to buy the good quality replacement before an accident occurs.

Make sure that you order the same size as the old one.


Perpatron polypropylene is the highest quality trampoline fabric available.

It is the safest and most effective fabric for a rebounding surface.

It is the number one choice when it comes to quality, performance value and durability.As one of the most important trampoline parts,

when you are considering buying a new trampoline, buy one that has its mat made of perpatrom polypropylene.

And if you are considering a replacement, insists on one woven from perpatron polypropylene.