Wear and tear is inevitable. It doesn’t matter whether the trampoline mats have been manufactured from a material with high quality that is available on this planet. At some point, it will wear out thus, you will be forced to replace it.

For trampoline mats replacement ,it is a very important part in the trampoline safety .

mats for trampoline mat replacement

It is advisable to follow the recommended installation procedures. And  is a common practice that all the trampoline manufacturers to accompany all their products with the require manuals that the end users can use their reference.

What makes the mat to wear out?

Whenever you bounce on your trampoline, you realize that most of the stress and pressure is felt on the trampoline mat. The more you bounce on the trampoline, the more stress and the more the wear.

The mat is the most vital part of the trampoline given that it is the larger part producing the bouncing fun. Remember that the mat is made of fabric and as such is prone to wear just like any other fabric.

trampoline mats replacement

However, trampoline mats are made with very strong and durable fabrics with the threads closely sewn together. A good quality trampoline mat is made of permatronTM. Of course, there are other materials that the trampoline manufacturers do use depending on one’s choice and preference.

A mat made with this material can last for a very long time without needing replacement if well maintained. Remember that the quality of the jump and the safety of the jumper lies on the mat. If the mat is worn compromised, then these two are compromised. You’ll have no option but to go about the entire trampoline mats replacement process.


How can you go about the process for trampoline mats replacement?

Admit that the mat needs replacement

You need to understand that it is time to replace the old mat. It won’t be economical to replace an old mat when it may require simple maintenance procedures.

This will require that you evaluate every section of the mat. Identify those areas that have developed weaknesses. This will ensure that the mat does not compromise the quality of bouncing and may not be safe for the end users.

trampoline mat replacement with trampoline spring

Taking correct dimensions

How can you go about the trampoline mats replacement processes if you don’t know the right size of trampoline mat you need? Knowing that your trampoline needs a replacement, you will have to get accurate measurements on the mat to get a fitting replacement.

measure sieze of trampoline mats

One way to do this is by measuring your trampoline by the frame. Take the length measurements from one end to the other and likewise for the width.

After which you will also measure the springs from both hooks. If your trampoline is circular in shape, then you will simply get the diameter of the trampoline.

How to get the correct size a mat

A simpler way to get a perfect size trampoline replacement mat is by providing the supplier with the make, model, and size of your trampoline.

They can know the correct replacement mat from that information. Also, consider making use of your old mat, trampoline suppliers will know how to get the correct measurements for a new mat judging from the pattern of the old one.

size of trampoline

Factors to consider during trampoline mats replacement

There are certain factors to consider when getting a trampoline replacement mat:

Step 1

Consider the quality, like we said earlier mats made from permertron TM are the best quality mats. Alternatively, you can contact the company where you bought the trampoline from and they’ll advise you on the right quality you should use.

Step 2

Find out if there is a warranty, this does not only entrust you with quality but also assures you that the Mat you are getting is in good shape contrary to which you might consult the manufacturer when the Mat proves otherwise before the warranty expires. Talking of warranty, you should consider getting one with a longer warranty.

Step 3

A good mat should provide you with the amount of fun you expect. Taking an example of the Olympic mats, they tend to throw the jumper high up that the normal trampolines. On a more realistic approach, you wouldn’t go for an Olympic model when all you require is a home trampoline for fun. Unless you are a professional, don’t risk. This a common mistake among most home owners.

Some trampoline mats come with a target stitch at the center of the mat.; this is simply put there to guide users into the landing position.

As you bounce on the mat, you will see the target mark and consequently concentrate on landing at the very center of the mat that is the correct way to jump on the bounce.

Landing at the edges of the trampoline mat only makes it susceptible to wears and tears, thus exposing you to dangers and accidents.

target stitch on trampoline mat

What do most people forget?

There are many ways of getting a trampoline mat. Consider the person/company that supplied your trampoline the first time. Yes! That one should be first option because they are able to identify the type of the mat easily.

Another option is buying from other trampoline parts suppliers where you will have to provide measurement details and wait for delivery.

Alternatively, you can choose to go digital. Given that everything and anything can be done online nowadays, you just start out by ordering your trampoline mat replacement from one of the many online stores.

One more place to look for a replacement mat is the manufacturer. Contact your trampoline manufacturer for a replacement mat if the above options cannot be applied. With these three options, you can’t fail to get a mate that cat suit all your requirements.

trampoline jumping mat

At times, it may not be easy to deal with trampoline mat replacements or even any trampoline parts replacements. Apart from the extra cost you are bound to incur; you also waste a lot of time in the whole process.

You can reduce the frequency of this practice by maintaining the trampoline mat well. For example, get a weather cover for your trampoline.

The trampoline mat is bound to wears and corrosion when exposed to certain elements as ultraviolet rays and rain. Therefore, ensure that it is covered up with a strong weather cover every time it is not being used.


It is important to go about the trampoline mats replacement process only when it is necessary to do so. That is, when the mat is worn out and it cannot be replaced anymore.

At the same time, you go to be cautious during this process since you may incur unnecessary costs. As a rule, you need to form the habit of maintaining these mats since this will increase their life span.