Rebounding on a trampoline has always been a source of fun and fulfillment for both adults and children.

Unfortunately , there poses the threat of possible trampoline injuries especially to the children.

To tell you the truth ,there is no safest trampoline in the world according to the trampoline safety statistics from cpsc .

So you must be wondering how your children can still enjoy themselves and be safe while using the trampoline?

Well, below you will have 21 trampoline safety tips that can help significantly in saving your children’s life.

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1. Do Not Install The Trampoline Near Trees, Poles or Fences Which a Child May Hit in Case of a Harsh Play

tTrampoline safety tips #1 :do not install trampoline near tree

While installing the trampoline, ensure that you have a safety perimeter of at least 3 meters or more around your trampoline and it is away from trees, fences poles or walls.

When children jump too high and fall off the trampoline, the presence of trees, fences, garden furniture, poles, walls etc. may increase the severity of the injuries.

By installing your trampoline away from such structures you will be doing your kids a favor by making the environment safer for your children to have fun.

2. Check If All The Springs Are in Position And The Bolts Well Tightened Before The Trampoline is Used.

Spring details

The trampoline springs together with the mat combine to create the proper tension to enable you to bounce when you jump.

For your kids to bounce high, the spring ought to be tight enough.

Check if all the springs are properly fixed in their position. Spring should be intact and securely attached at both ends.

Hanging springs may lead to unnecessary injuries in case of an accident.

In case some springs wear out and become stretched or corroded, you need to get a replacement to good quality and fix it appropriately.

3. Install Safety Pads to Cover The Steel Frame, Springs And Hooks.

pads for trampolines

Your children may land on the steel frame, springs or even hooks if they are left uncovered.

You should therefore install an adequate safety pad on the trampoline. It should be in good condition and appropriately placed.

So, when purchasing for trampolines, only chose models with safety pads to cover the springs, hooks and frames. And make sure that the color of the pads contrast with that of the frame and mat.

4. Purchase Good Quality High Trampoline Safety Nets to Enclose Your Trampoline

trampoline safety nets

When you go to purchase your trampoline, consider models with trampoline safety nets as part of the design, or buy it at the same time.

Trampoline safety net is very instrumental in preventing your children from not only hitting hard components like the springs or frame, it will also prevent them from falling off the trampoline and stop them from hitting the ground.So before you play on trampoline, follow the trampoline safety rules and must install a trampoline safety net.

5. Ensure That Your Kids Don’t Jump Too High So That They Don’t Lose Control And Jump Off The Trampoline

boy play on trampoline

Children are always more exited to use the trampoline all the time.

Unfortunately, they may land wrong when they lose control while jumping.

To prevent this, always train them to control their jumping at all times and keep it low especially if they are beginners.

And when they are tired, they should rest for some time before going to jump again.

here is a very detailed description about how high you can jump:

How high can you possibly jump on a trampoline?

6. Always Remove All Jewelry And Any Life Threatening Sharp Objects in The Pockets Before Jumping.


Children sometimes forget to remove their jewelry before using the trampoline.

Jewelry may injure them when they land in them.

To avoid such injuries, they should remove all their jewelry and anything that is in their pockets and also the hat before jumping on the trampoline.

7. Discourage Your Children From Doing Somersaults on The Trampoline.


This should be strongly discouraged because of the risk of head and neck injuries, which are the most serious injuries associated with trampoline.

Other injuries caused by wrong landing include; sprains or fractures to the wrist, forearm collarbone and elbow.

Enroll your kids to a local trampolining class to learn new trampolining skills ranging from the basics of landing to advanced moves such as somersaults.

So until the children are well trained and highly skilled, they should not try it on the backyard trampoline.

8. Train Your Children to Always Use The Trampoline Ladder While Getting into And Out of The Trampoline

ladders used for trampoline

Children may even want to jump in and out of the trampoline.

Do not allow because this has also resulted in many ending up in the Emergency Rooms with injuries ranging from bruises, Brocken limbs to head or neck injuries.

To be on the safe side, they should at all times use the trampoline ladder to climb in the trampoline and also use it while coming out of the trampoline.

9. Always Check To Make Sure That The Surface of The Jumping mat is free of any moisture or snow your children use it.


Wet mat are slippery and the children are likely to slip when they use it that way.

This may lead to wrong landing and unnecessary injuries. To avoid this, always make sure that the jumping mat is totally dry before your children use it.

During winter season, you can as well pack down the trampoline and keep in in your house.

The jumping mat should also not have hole in it as holes are also dangerous. If the mat is worn out, replace is with a good quality one of the same size.

10. Install the trampoline on a leveled ground to help in proper balancing when it is in use.


Children may easily fall and injure themselves if they jump on trampolines that are not installed on a well leveled ground.

The most ideal place to install your trampoline is on energy absorbing ground such as sand, bark wood chip, grass, and springy lawn or on any other cushioning material.

Ground safety pads can also be used. All these will help to avoid bad injuries if a child ever falls off the trampoline in case of an accident.

11. Never attempt stunts such as twisting somersaults, multiple somersaults, back flips and any other acrobatics.

Children may watch stunts on youtube, movies, during live trampoline competition which involves professionals or on commercial trampolines were they watch other kids do them.

When they get back home, they will want to try those moves on their backyard trampoline.

Because they have no experience in doing such moves, they may land wrongly, which may lead to various injuries that can lead to permanent disability or even death.

For example , the below video,show very dangerous acrobatics only for experts:

awesome video for trampoline


and also this video , they jump into the cliff from the trampoline,if your children learn from them,that may result in disasters.

jump into the cliff from trampoline


Never let your children do these acrobatics without very long professional practice.

12. The safety net should not cover the area under the jumping mat

The area under the mat should be left uncovered at all time for safety reasons.

It is not easy to see if there is any object below the trampoline if the area is covered.

Children may even hide their toys below the trampoline and in case it is covered toy won’t be able to see. And this will pose a potential danger to your children.

To ensure that the area below the trampoline is safe, avoid extending the safety net to cover the area under the jumping mat.

13. Always check to make sure that there’s no object under the trampoline before using it


Children may sometimes put object underneath the trampoline when you are not aware.

It is therefore very important that you check under the trampoline to make sure that there is totally nothing that may pose potential danger while they are jumping on the trampoline.

If they land on any object under the trampoline they will automatically get injured.

Also check to make sure that there is no child hiding beneath the trampoline. By doing this, you will be preventing unnecessary accidents.

14. All children under the age of 6 should be kept off the full size trampoline

children under the age of 6 should be kept off the full size trampoline

Children under the age of 6 are at the greatest risk of injury.

Trampolining is not suitable for this age group because they are not sufficiently physically developed to control their bouncing.

To prevent serious injuries at this early age, just don’t all allow your child to use the full trampoline until he or she is old enough.

But if they really want to play on trampoline,then buy a mini trampoline for them.

mini trampoline

15. Train your kids to always land at the center of the trampoline

target stitch on trampoline mat

This is also a very important tip because when the kids land at the center of the trampoline, their chances of falling off is very low.

On the other hand, the probability of landing off the trampoline is high when the children land at the edges of the trampoline, especially near the frames.

16. Always make sure that ladders, stools and chairs are not left near the trampoline

make sure that ladders, stools and chairs are not left near the trampoline

Children will want to jump on the trampoline all the time.

So when you are not around, remove the ladders, stools, chairs or anything else that they can use to climb up the trampoline.

This will help in limiting unsupervised access to the trampoline by smaller children when the trampoline in not in use.

17. Do not use the trampoline when you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol


Drugs or alcohol use may impair your judgment.

To ensure that your kids are safe while using the trampoline, you should never try to combine alcohol with trampolining.

In the past, many children have been hurt while bouncing with adults who have been drinking on summer garden parties.

18. Before using the trampoline, all the children must undergo a medical check-up for any medical conditions

medical check-up for child

It is important that your children undergo medical check-up which should be done by a qualified medical doctor,and he will examine if their bones are strong enough to support their weight while jumping.

19. Wear appropriate clothing for trampolining, avoid wearing clothes with drawstrings


Most children wear especially for boys have drawstrings.

Such clothes are potentially dangerous when it comes to jumping on a trampoline because the strings might get tied to the safety netting poles and may make the child to land awkwardly, and such landing may lead to injuries.

To prevent such injuries, your child must wear clothes free of the drawstring while jumping on the trampoline

20. Always monitor the number of jumpers using the trampoline, it should only be one at the same time.

only one person

Most trampoline injuries occur when there is more than one person using the trampoline.

Although may children derive pleasures from multiple jumping, do not allow more than one child to jump on the trampoline.

When there are multiple participants on the trampoline, they may bounce on one another and become injured.

Many of them suffer broken bones as a result of landing strangely after knocking on to another user. In such cases the child weighing less is five times more likely to be injured.

21. All children must be supervised by an adult while rebounding on the trampoline

must be supervised by an adult

Children are creative beings, they are little scientists who always want to experiment more on their ability to do something, especially in the absence of an adult.

When it comes to trampolines, they will try out if they are able to do some moves that maybe they watched on YouTube, the end result is that your child may land the wrong way, with his or her head or neck down which can cause some serious permanent injuries.

They can also lose control and land off the trampoline.

When you as an adult is present, you will be able to monitor how your kids jump on the trampoline and stop then if they start doing any potentially dangerous moves.

Conclusion for the Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampolines are great for having fun and even better for fitness, exercise and workouts.

Unfortunately, falling off the trampoline may result in life changing injuries, paralysis and even loss of life.

Many of these injuries can be avoided.

It is therefore very important that you act on these 21 simple safety tips to make trampoline jumping a safe and enjoyable experience for your children at all times.

Now it’s your turn

Now it’s time to actually put these little tips into practice.

To make easy to remember for you, I made a checklist that outlines the EXACT 21 trampoline safety tips you need to take to protect your children on trampolines.

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