Trampoline is a great outdoor activity for children, it is widely used in Olympics and other sports.

Each day , Thousands of trampolines are sold from online store or local super markets ,

and maybe the one you buy is in poor quality because you do not know much about trampolines.


Say: where you can buy them , how to check the quality from each part ,etc.

To avoid getting a poor quality trampoline , Everyone needs some guide before paying the money.

In this article ,I will give you a completely guide when you are planning to buy a trampoline.

This guide is over 8000 words , I make a chapter list below :

Chapter 1 : What Are Trampolines Designed For?

A trampoline is a strong fabric sheet connected by springs to a frame, used as a springboard and landing area in doing acrobatic or gymnastic exercises.

Trampolines are being widely used in different countries over the globe.

Trampolines are important for different purposes as kids like playing and rebounding on trampolines,

they are important in preparing newcomers and teenagers for physical exercises like gymnastics and acrobatics.

acrobatic stunts

The basic purpose of designing trampolines was to serve teens and adults with a platform that would make practicing different games easy for them.

Different acrobatic and gymnastic stunts are being practiced by teenagers and adults on trampolines first to avoid any injuries and dangerous falls.

trampoline injury

Moreover, this has become a widespread rebounding and playing equipment for children.

A starter cannot play well at start as you all know:Some basic training is required for sure before making him face the real exercise.

This is the basic reason behind the designing of trampolines.

Certain benefits of trampoline may be known as follows:

  • Fun Way of Losing Weight and Keeping Fit
  • Increase Lymphatic Flow in The Body
  • Increase Detoxification And Cleansing of The Body

You can check the complete list of trampoline benefit from Eric’s blog : 17 Benefits of Trampoline Exercise That May Make You Live Longer

Chapter 2: Great Trampoline Brands You Can Choose

Trampolines are being manufactured under different brands worldwide.

Each brand has its own qualitative aspects but some well-known brands are found to be perfect and worth for buying trampolines from.

People are conscious about brands as they want quality products for them to avoid any dangerous falls and injuries.

Here are top 7 worldly known brands you can choose for buying trampolines:

1)Jump sport

Jump sport

Jump sport is a trampoline manufacturing company based in U.S. It is well known for its trampolines due to great quality material being used in manufacturing trampolines.

However, they offer trampolines in a wide variety of sizes.

This company prides itself on long lasting quality and safety.

They are the original inventors of the safety enclosure found amongst many brands.

2)Alley Oop

Alley Oop is another U.S based trampoline manufacturing company offering round and rectangular trampolines.

Their focus is providing quality customer service and it provides a life time warranty over its all products.

The unique feature of this trampoline manufacturing company is that they are well known in providing double bounce line which improves the jumping bed and produces great bounce.

Due to safety features they provide, Alley Oop are well known among other trampoline brands in market.

3)Spring free

Spring free

Spring free manufacturers are based in Australia and they deal in round, oval and square trampolines.

They provide innovative trampoline designs which make them remarkable and unique in market.

There standard warranty being offered for frames is 4-years.
The biggest draw back for this company is the lack of springs, which means more jumping room and no caught fingers and toes.

They are well known due the safety they provide to their customers



Skywalker trampoline manufacturers are base in U.S and are considered to be among top trampoline manufacturers due to their product quality.

A great reason to consider Skywalker as one of the top most trampoline brands is their product design and uniqueness.

They offer round, square, oval and mini trampolines.

They offer a one year warranty on all frames along with a parts coverage of 90 days.

Their trampolines come in a variety of attractive colors and unique designs.

Skywalker provides safety net enclosure along with the trampoline to ensure customer safety.


domijump trampoline

Domijump is a trampoline manufacturer in China ,they do the trampoline exporting service with all trampoline importers in the global market , client like Walmart ,Auchan ,trampoline Brand and many trampoline retail stores.

Trampoline parts is their biggest business,they supply trampoline spare parts to many distributors and retailers in America and European countries .

6)Upper bounce

Upper bounce

Upper bounce is an American brand that offers various adult trampolines.

They make a wide range of round and rectangle trampolines. Their frames offer a one year warranty and other trampoline parts cover a six years warranty.

If you are looking for safe trampolines to use then their products are perfect in providing safety to the users due to additional safety net enclosure.

7)Jump king

Jump king

Jump king is a U.S based trampoline manufacturing company that offers high quality trampolines all over the world.

Their quality services and customer support makes them considered among the top trampoline manufacturers.

Their main focus is the quality of product and customer satisfaction which is a remarkable thing about them.

Chapter 3: Different Types of Trampolines

Trampolines come in different types depending upon the age groups of users and the extent to which they use the trampoline.
They may seem the same to an un-trained eye but the difference can only be caught by a trained professional eye.

Comparing a trampoline at your backyard to a trampoline in fitness classes would definitely differ greatly.

This is due to the differences in their structure and purpose.

A trampoline with a frame pad installed

Some are designed for kids for fun and playing activities, some are designed for teenagers and youngsters for carrying out different physical exercises .

Some are designed for professional users like gymnasts, acrobats and fitness experts.

Based on their use, trampoline have different types including:

1) Rebounder Trampoline

Rebounding trampoline

The rebounder is just a kind of a mini trampoline that is being designed for use by a single user.

These trampolines are indoor trampolines and do not require a big area to be covered.

They do not occupy much space and can be hidden away under a bed.

This makes them useful for people living in a small apartment without backyard.

2)Professional Trampolines

Professional Trampolines

Professional trampolines are greatly different from single use trampolines and rebounders.

The difference lies in the structure and their use.

These large trampolines are specifically designed to provide athletes with maximum performance with immense amounts of power and propulsion.

Many professional trampolines are especially designed for the Olympic Games and gymnastics clubs, therefore , one professional trampoline may cost over  $10,000.

Due to their increased power and remarkable performance, these devices are recommended for trained and professional individuals only.

Some facts about professional trampolines include:

  • Expensive than other trampolines.
  • Designed purposely to be used by professional athletes and gymnasts.
  • Larger than other types of trampolines
  • Frames and pads  are thicker than normal trampolines.
  • Provide better rebound than other types of trampolines.

3)Recreational Backyard Trampolines


Recreational backyard trampolines are to be used by young children at backyard.

They are most widely used now because before moving to professional exercises and gymnastics, these trampolines are used for practicing and gaining balance.

These trampolines are affordable and space-efficient, that’s why it can be  a perfect recreational tool for all families.

The recreational trampolines come in various shapes but the most popular shapes are round and rectangular.

Keep reading and you will know all kinds of backyard trampolines.

Chapter 4: Different Shapes of Trampolines

Trampolines come in different shapes and size depending upon the age group and requirements of the user.

A particular shape of trampolines is being chosen by the user according to content of usage and user choice.

Kids, professionals and athletes, all have different shapes to use and all shapes of trampolines have different uses from each other.

For starters and new comers, round trampoline is preferred whereas kids use mini-round or oval trampolines,professionals and experts use rectangular trampolines preferably.

The reason behind the professional usage of rectangle trampoline is its strong and effective bounce produced by it.

As the longer sides of rectangle are farther apart.

The wide sides produce a greater tension in springs and this makes a greater bounce.

Greater bounce lets the gymnasts and professionals to practice different exercises.

This also leads them to perform somersaults and stunts, which makes their practice perfect.
The following table shows different shapes of trampolines along with their usage:

1.Round trampolines


The most popular of all trampoline shapes is round one.

It is preferred for the starters because it does not produce strong bounces like rectangular trampolines as all the springs head towards the center maintaining an even balance.

Due to this it provides a better and safe jumping experience.

Also in start of trampoline usage, users get practiced by using round trampoline.

These facts make it ideal for use by young non-professional users and children.

Mostly round trampolines’ edges are being covered by net to provide a safe and comfortable jumping environment for users.

These trampolines are perfect to be used at home and is easy to assemble and maintain.

2.Rectangular trampolines


Rectangular trampolines are designed to be used by professional users and experts in competitive sporting activities, gymnastics or in trampoline classes.

They produce a strong and high bounce as needed by athletes and gymnasts to achieve high bouncing and jumping to perform several stunts .

These are to be used by users having some experience in using trampoline or professionals that have been trained to use trampoline to avoid serious injuries.

3.Square trampolines

Square trampolines

Square trampolines are also to be used by professionals and experts.

But there bounce is somehow less than a rectangular trampoline but more effective than round trampoline.

But if surface area of square trampolines is lessened, the extent of the bounce produced by it would be reduced.

Sometimes kids’ mini trampolines have square shapes along with a supporting bar to help them control bounces.

4.Hexagonal trampolines

Hexagonal trampolines

This shape of trampolines is least popular. It produces a very good bounce.

They are mostly designed and created upon customer request.

Inexperienced users do not tend to fall from it due to balance with an even tension.

5.Oval trampolines

Oval trampolines

Oval trampolines are more likely to produce same bounce as a round trampoline.

The bounce cannot be made along the elliptical turns of the oval.

Bouncing at center is easy while bouncing towards the edges becomes difficult.

Such trampolines are preferred to be used by experienced users who want to specialize in jumping techniques and stunts.

6.Octagonal trampolines

Octagonal trampolines

Octagonal or eight sided trampolines are designed to give an aesthetic look to round trampolines. They are also one of the non-popular shapes of trampolines.

These trampolines are also customized and prepared upon customer order after knowing the complete customer requirements.

The reason some people want to order octagonal trampolines is user customization.

Chapter 5: Age wise recommendation of trampoline

Trampolines are designed for different purposes and different ages for sure.

Kids and starters cannot use professional trampolines due to the dangers involved in doing so.

And if used without age wise recommendations, it can cause serious harm and bone fractures which sometimes may be leading an individual to death.

This is the reason that trampoline manufacturing companies tend to design different kinds, shapes and sizes of trampolines for people of different age groups.
This is a known fact that greater surface area would produce a greater bounce, also greater numbers of springs used would tend to make extreme rebounding.

Spring details

These facts are kept in mind while recommending various shapes and types of trampoline to users with different age groups.

Mostly extreme rebounding is required by professional users and experts and it is not recommended for home usage.

Below are some age wise recommendations for different types of trampolines:

1)Mini trampolines

Mini trampolines are designed for use by kids above 4-5 years of age but below 10 years.

They have a comparatively smaller surface area than other types of trampoline.

Mostly mini trampolines are designed in round and square shapes.

Moreover, they are enclosed with safety net enclosure to prevent kids form falling off and get different injuries.

mini trampoline

Kids mostly want to play on a trampoline and are not much aware of the physical and health benefits associated with its usage.

So for kids, trampoline is one the most playful and fun playing equipment.

Mostly mini trampolines come with a handle or bar which could be hold while rebounding on a trampoline.

This provides an extra layer of safety to kids. But still kids should be allowed to use trampoline in the presence of someone to prevent from falling off.

2)Medium trampolines

Medium trampolines are designed for kids of age 10 – 15 years.

Mostly, kids start their physical exercise or trampoline classes in this age.

Medium trampolines have a greater surface area for rebounding as compared to mini trampolines.

These trampolines come in round, oval and square shapes.

Due to comparatively larger surface area, they tend to produce a greater bounce than mini trampolines.

Mostly children above 10 years of age are appreciated to use trampolines and are made aware of the physical and health benefits associated with its usage.

Mostly this is the age when children start their training for physical strength and balance.

Mostly children interested in going to professional fields like gymnastics and acrobatics tend to start their practice at this age.

The usability of trampoline makes them aware of dos and don’ts associated while using trampoline.

Moreover, they are also made aware of keeping and maintaining body balance while rebounding.

3)Professional or large trampoline

Professional trampolines or trampolines with a greater surface area are designed to be used by professionals and experts.

As trampolines having greater surface area and greater number of springs produce a powerful bounce as compared to other trampolines.

They are used to train professional users for professional purposes.

Athletes, gymnasts and fitness experts get their training started from round trampolines up to professional trampolines.

Professional trampolines produce high bounce which causes the gymnasts to perform somersaults as they get more time to spin around.

So. They are recommended for users above 18 years who are capable to withstand heavy bouncing.

4)Trampoline parks

Trampoline parks
You may have come to know about trampoline parks.

Trampoline parks are located at different wide outdoor stations.

These stations have installed a whole trampoline park with a much greater surface area as compared to professional trampolines.

Many users can enjoy rebounding in a trampoline park.

Trampoline parks produce a greater bounce and are totally different in manufacturing and quality as compared to other trampolines.

That’s why they are recommended to users above 15 years of age.

But some trampoline parks have low impact trampolines which are suitable for kids above 8 years of age.

Here is a list of best trampoline park in the world .


Chapter 6: Trampoline Parts and Toys


People may want to know about trampoline parts, their importance, facts about their quality and much more.

Trampoline has several parts like frame pads, springs, mats and other accessories.

The quality of these parts affects the quality of the whole trampoline product.

If the parts of trampoline are of good quality then they may join together to build a brilliant quality product and in the case that inferior quality products are being used in trampolines, then the trampoline would be of inferior quality as a whole.
You would know the importance of each trampoline part one by one and would come to know that why these trampoline products need to be of great quality.

Following are some important parts of a trampoline:

1)Trampoline Frame pads

Trampoline frame pads

The frame of a trampoline is made of an alloy of steel that is most preferably rust resistant to ensure the durability of the trampoline.

As made by a hard material to withstand the weight and pressure, it needs to be covered with some soft material to avoid accidents and injuries.

While rebounding, going accidently to rebound on a trampoline frame can cause severe injuries including bone fractures, head injuries and backbone injuries.
Hard thrust would make the person jumping over the trampoline to fall un-intentionally.

This may lead to serious dangers in using a trampoline especially for kids.

To minimize this danger of getting injured demands the trampoline frame to be properly covered with high quality frame pads.

If frame pads are not of good quality, they would certainly wear off in between 2-3 months and would not be durable.
Moreover, low quality frame pads are not soft enough to not let you feel the immense feet pressure if you jump over the hard frame.

So, it becomes a definite requirement for a good trampoline to have quality frame pads.


trampoline spring

The most important part of a trampoline is its springs as they cause the person jumping on trampoline to rebound.

The more the flexible are the springs, the better rebound is thought to be produced.

If the springs are of inferior quality, then they may not produce a person to bounce which would lessen the trampoline rebounding pleasure for the user.
Quality trampolines produce a good rebound and are to be chosen most efficiently as they are the reason you enjoy various benefits and joys related to a trampoline.

3)Net enclosure

safety nets details
When rebounding on a trampoline, you may think of for falling off the trampoline anytime in unconsciousness.

Having a sense of security makes you enjoy each and every second in any joyous activity.

Similarly, trampolines are provided with a safety net enclosure to give a sense of security to the user.

If you accidently get to go towards the trampoline’s boundary, the net enclosure will be there to push you towards the inner side of the trampoline and would keep you safe.
Mostly, safety is the matter of fact for parents having children using trampolines.

Parents are greatly concerned with the safety of their children.

Safety net enclosure serves the purpose.

If safety net enclosure is inferior quality, it may wear out and would become dangerous for the user to rely on it for safety as it may tear off by heavy thrust of user going to fall down and may cause serious injuries.


trampoline jumping mats
Trampoline mats are basically the base of trampoline on which the user rebounds.

Trampoline mats get tension due to the stretch produced by the springs and cause the user on it to rebound over the trampoline surface.

If the trampoline mats are of poor quality then they may soon wear out causing it unpleasant for the user and would badly effect the durability of the product.

Good quality trampoline mats have a warranty of about two years or more whereas cheap quality trampoline mats may wear off in less than 3-4 months.

Moreover, this trampoline mat is too responsible for causing the user to rebound as much as the trampoline springs are.

That’s why it is suggested to have a good quality trampoline mat.

All parts of trampoline matter a lot in reflecting its quality.

Therefore, it is preferred that all parts of trampoline are of superior quality as they render to make the trampoline worth taking off.

5)Trampoline plastic parts

trampoline plastic parts
Plastic is an affordable material and is used in making tools for the trampoline that may help in combining up all trampoline parts to make the product.

Different types and shapes of net pole caps are made of plastic.

The size of the net pole caps depends on the size of trampoline they are going to install.

There are different advantages of using plastic parts in trampoline.

Affordability is the fact that makes it to be used preferably.

Also plastic parts are durable and strong too.

But here too the quality of plastic needs to be good otherwise the trampoline may fall off anytime as low quality pole caps would not be able to handle pressure and this would badly effect the durability of trampoline.

6)Spring tools

Springs get loose sometimes due to continuous use of trampoline.

They need to be tightened somehow from time to time.

Sometimes springs get damaged which need to be replaced.

Spring tools are used for this purpose. They save both your time and money, as they do not make you replace frame pads or springs from any trampoline dealers or manufacturers.

Moreover spring tools are also needed to disassemble trampoline.

They need to be strong and made of good quality metal alloy so they would be able to disassemble different trampoline parts.

7)Ladder poles

ladders used for trampoline
Trampolines need ladders to let children climb up to it and are one of the most important trampoline parts.

Ladders are being designed to climb up trampolines over 10 feet of length.

They are mainly designed for outdoor trampolines.

Good quality ladder poles are made of galvanized steel tube coated with zinc.

8)Trampoline foam sleeves

Trampoline foam sleeves have been designed to protect users from getting injured in case they happen to bump into the steel poles while jumping on trampoline.

They come in different sizes having different diameters according to the steel poles they are going to cover.

It is elastic and porous in nature which is available in different colors and designs.

They are water resistant and UV protected.

9)Trampoline shoe bag

Customers need trampoline shoe bags attached to trampolines with heavy duty straps which fit any shape of trampolines.

This facilitates users for keeping shoes and mobile phones within trampoline shoe bags.

10)Trampoline solar lights

LED trampoline solar light
Sometimes trampolines are to be used at night in parties or performing different exercises.

Trampoline solar lights are used for the purpose of using trampolines at night time.

Due to darkness it would definitely be difficult for a user to rebound or perform exercises.

Solar lights get themselves charged by using solar energy and can be easily used over-night.

Trampoline solar lights are easy to install, cost efficient and are available in different colors.

They fit on almost every type of trampolines.

They provide a beneficial edge to users to use trampoline at any time if the day.

Trampoline Toys

Just like other accessories, trampoline toys are serving as playing accessories for kids.

Kids like to play different games while using trampolines.

Mostly the toys are light weight and air filled that are to be used on a trampoline.

But it is not necessary to get limited to light weight toys.

You can get a variety of trampoline toys for your kids.

This makes them enjoy trampoline exercises more.

Now the question is that what kind of trampoline toys are suitable to be used with a trampoline?

Of course there is a variety of trampoline toys that can be used for the purpose.

Following are some popular trampoline toys used so far:

1)Basketball hoops

trampoline basketball hoop

You may think of basketball hoops to be attached along a wall.

You can now use basketball hoops that are mounted on the trampoline.

This can be proved to be a great game for kids who are basketball lovers.

They have been designed to flex on contact with it as it is capable of absorbing impact.

Moreover the hooks are completely covered with foam to ensure extra protection.

These hoops are pre-assembled to make trampoline installation easy.

Due to ensured protection, they are safe to be used by kids.

They have become one of the popular trampoline toys.

2)Air-filled balls

Air-filled balls

Another option for a toy to be carried to a trampoline for playing are air filled balls.

Kids and toddlers may like playing with balls while sitting on trampoline.

Moreover, active children prefer physical activities so they can play by making each other to catch the ball.

As air filled balls are light in weight and are soft and impact less, they would not harm kids.

This is a great benefit of air-filled balls.

These balls come in a variety of different colors are designs which attracts kids and make them enjoy trampoline exercises more.

3)Bouncing balls

Bouncing balls

Bouncing balls are also a kind of air-filled balls but they are different from them in a way that they produce bounce when collide with another surface.

Mostly kids use them as a football on a trampoline. They are light in weight as compared to a football but can be used as a football due to their bouncing effects.

Bouncing balls are available in different attractive colors and sizes. Colorful and unique designs attract children the most of all.

They have now became a popular trampoline toy to be carried along on a trampoline by kids and young trampoline users.

4)Soft puppets

Soft puppets
Soft puppets like different cartoon and doll puppets are also a great toy to be carried to a trampoline.

Kids who play with soft puppets more like to play with them even if they are on a trampoline.

Also any kind of hard and pointed objects should not be carried to trampoline as they could damage the trampoline.

Mostly tearing of trampoline pads and mats occur due to pointed objects being carried to a trampoline.

It is highly recommended to use soft toys and objects on trampoline to enhance its durability.

5)Jumping ropes

Jumping ropes
Jumping rope is one of the most popular and old time game known so far.

The difference is that at old times jumping ropes were being used to jump on a hard surface.

While on a trampoline a user is bouncing due to impact produced by trampoline bed and keeps jumping himself off the rope.

In this way, this makes a great exercise for young users who want to gain body balance.

Sometimes professionals do prefer this exercise to be carried out for body balance.
Above mentioned are some popular trampoline toys being used by kids and young trampoline users while rebounding.

These toys could be carried to trampoline to make rebounding experience better and more joyful.

Chapter 7: Where to buy trampolines?

Where to buy trampoline

You may be worried about how and where to buy a trampoline.

You may also think that which brands to buy?

Where would you get quality trampolines?

You may have many questions arising in your mind like how much would a good quality trampoline cost?
When come to know about trampolines, users may want to buy trampoline for sure.

Here are some of the ways you can buy trampoline:

1)Official websites of trampoline manufacturers

When thinking of  buying a trampoline, you may first think off to buy them from official trampoline brand websites.

Buying product from official websites gives you a guarantee that the product would surely be theirs.

Besides getting original product, you may get it on the official price and would be saved from any inconvenience.

There are many popular trampoline manufacturers world-wide who are known to be the backbone of trampoline industry.

Some of the popular official trampoline manufacturer websites include:

  • Jump sport
  • Jump street
  • Jump king
  • Springfree
  • Sky walker

These websites are among top trampoline manufacturers worldwide.

You can order your trampolines and their accessories directly here.

2)Online products selling websites

Online products selling websites

There are many online ecommerce websites where you can buy trampoline products easily.

These websites offer different trampoline in different brands like Amazon and eBay. You can easily filter different products according to your price range and requirements on these websites.

3)Third party vendors

Third party online shopping websites like Walmart provide shopping options in different types of accessories, products and even electronics.


Having a wide range of variety of products they serve as a third party between buyers and sellers.

They tend to interact with the buyers through their platform and communicate about different products and when the buyer tends to buy the product, they direct buyers request to the brand to which the product belongs.

4)Wholesale trampoline dealers or manufacturers

Some trampoline manufacturers deal in wholesale.

Like different trampoline manufacturing factories deal in wholesale. The retail stores can order trampolines there for buying them.

You can make an order on their websites to avoid any inconvenience.

5)Retail sports product dealers

Retail sports product dealers

Different sports retailers deal in almost all kinds of sports materials including hockey, football, cricket products and trampolines.

Trampolines are counted as a sports materials as they are used by athletes, gymnasts and other professional players in different games worldwide.

You can easily get trampoline with its all parts and accessories from a retail sports dealer in your area.

How much do trampolines cost?

Trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes in different materials so they vary in costs from brand to brand.

You can get to know the trampoline prices of different brands on their websites but the idea that can be provided to you this time is the cost of trampolines according to their size and quality.
As you know a good quality product always costs more than a low quality product but a good quality product withstands a greater period of time as compared to the low quality products.

Also a good quality product perform much better than a low quality product.

So, a good quality product is worth spending for.
The approximate trampoline cost for round trampolines based on their size is given in the following table:

Size of trampoline Approximate cost

  • 10 feet  $250
  • 12 feet  $350
  • 14 feet  $450
  • 16 feet  $550

Again mentioning, the above prices are approximate ones according to their size for a round trampoline.

You can know about the specific prices from different brands and manufacturer websites online.

Chapter 8: How to check the quality of a trampoline

quality of trampoline

The quality of a trampoline depends on various factors like quality of its parts and its price.

When buying a trampoline, you may check the quality of trampolines.

Users may want to buy a good quality product for themselves for sure.

But you may need to check the quality of trampoline before buying it.

But here the question arises that how to check the quality of trampoline?

On what features does the quality of trampoline depends?

What are the features that are must in a superior quality trampoline?
Following are some important features of trampoline that you may need to know for checking its quality:

1)Frame pads

For checking the quality of a trampoline product you may need to check its parts like frame pads.

Frame pads are a soft material covering made to cover the hard frame of trampoline.

The frame is covered with frame pads to avoid serious injuries that may occur due to unintentional hits and falls.

As the frame is made of a hard alloy, it may cause serious head, neck and bone injuries and fractures when a user hits in unintentionally.

To ensure good quality, you should check the quality and stuff of material used to manufacture frame pads.

Stretch it along its length and check whether it does cause a tearing effect or not.

Also keep in mind to check that the material being used to make frame pads should not have a coarse surface.

It should be smooth and somehow elastic enough to bear the stretch of trampoline.

2)Trampoline frame

frame pads

The frame of a trampoline is its base.

It’s like a skeleton of a body.

If the skeleton is strong, the body would be strong and if the skeleton is weak, it would make the body weak too.

Similarly, if the frame of a trampoline is strong, the trampoline would be strong too.

It would be capable of withstanding greater weight.

This would also make the trampoline durable and reliable. This fact adds a lot to the quality of trampoline.

Trampoline frame should be made of quality alloy or must be zinc coated.

The quality of alloy ensures the quality of frame.

Low quality materials make the trampolines to rust down soon and effect their durability.

You should hold the frame up to make sure it is heavy and solid enough to bear weight on trampoline while a user is bouncing.

3)Trampoline mats

measure sieze of trampoline mats

Trampoline mats are the base surface area of a trampoline that is responsible for producing bounces along with the springs.

Trampoline mats need to be strong as if they are weak, they would be easily worn out within a small time period.

So, it is better to buy good quality trampoline by checking the quality of trampoline mats.

As the base of trampoline, mats should be checked for high quality.

First of all, try applying pressure by fist of your hand to ensure the flexibility and elasticity of the material being used to make the trampoline mat.

Secondly, you should try to stretch the mat up to most of your power.

If it seems like the mat is withstanding the weight applied then good to go else do not use such low quality products.


Springs are responsible for producing bounce in a trampoline.

They must be made of an efficient material to produce enough bounce.

They serve the main purpose of bouncing on a trampoline as they are the reason for causing the trampoline to bounce.

So it is a base requirement for a good quality trampoline to have good spring made of good quality alloys and that could be able to produce a great bouncing.

Springs can be tested for good quality be stretching them and compressing them.

The good quality spring should not compressed to its original length when applied with pressure.

Also if it is stretched, it should not change its shape.

This is the sign that the spring is strong enough to withhold compression and relaxation.

You can find out more about spring quality tests here.

5)Safety net enclosure

Safety net enclosure is built purposely to make sure all the aspects of user safety.

Safety net enclosure has to be built on a strong metal frame.

The net is the main support that holds the user back if got to fall over it while bouncing.

If quality of net enclosure is compromised, it means the safety of user is compromised as this is the only safety feature on a trampoline that keeps users from falling over while bouncing and rebounding over the trampoline.

Net enclosure should be made of strong netting material.

To ensure its quality, you should stretch the net in opposite direction so as to apply immense pressure.

This would not make the net to tear of making it dangerous for the users.

As safety net enclosure is designed to withhold user’s weight to keep them from falling.

It is a good approach to check the net enclosure for your weight once.

6)Polymesh or two-string bed

Two string bed forms the base of trampoline mats. The quality of thread or polyester being used in making two string bed.

This forms a base for the mat to be fixed for the purpose of adding more and more strength to the base so that it may withstand more weight.

It adds to the quality of trampoline.

If the quality of ploymesh is compromised, then overall quality of trampoline would be badly affected.

Low quality string bed would not withstand heavy weight and would tear out making the trampoline useless for any further future use.

So, when you get to buy a trampoline, you must check its two-string bed to be made with proper and quality string which would ensure you about safety while using a trampoline.

In order to check its quality, you should see it must be made of nylon of good quality.

To ensure good quality of nylon, you may rub your hand against the surface, if it is rough you must leave it else it would be suitable to be bought.

7)Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts are tools that connect different parts of a trampoline together.

The parts of trampoline that need to be connected through nuts and bolts include base and trampoline frame, the poles that hold the safety net enclosure towards the sides of the trampoline and the legs of the trampoline which hold the frame upon it.

Similar as trampoline frame, nuts and bolts should be of good quality alloy.

You may check their quality by rubbing them against a hard rough surface.

Their surface seems to be torn off or rough then these are not worth buying.

Good quality nuts and bolts are capable of withstanding heat, so it is preferred to make a flame test.

8)Metal tubes

Metal tubes are the holders of the springs in it.

They are surrounded all over the trampoline frame upon each spring.

For when the user rebounds or jumps on the trampoline, all the stress goes to springs which cause the user on the trampoline mat to rebound against the trampoline surface.

This also makes a pressure upon the metal tubes along the sides of the trampoline.

Metal tubes are known to add strength to the trampoline structure so they need to be made of a superior quality metal alloy.

trampoline tube details

A best way to test their quality is to try to turn it both end towards each other like if you are trying to bend it.

If there is no change in the metal tube then it is worth going for.

But in case the metal tube shows even a little bounce, it must not be bought as it would broke up while rebounding and could be harmful for the user.

9)Weight and age limitation

Weight and age limitation of trampoline

Before buying a trampoline, you must get to know the limitation it puts on the user age and total weight that it can carry.

The fact of user age is at your choice, as you have to buy it for a specific purpose and a specific age group.

If you are going to buy trampoline for kids then it would be definitely a best choice to go through mini or medium trampoline.

But if it is being bought for professional purposes then it must be a professional trampoline.

You must also know the maximum weight a trampoline is able to carry because if you are planning to buy a trampoline to be used by many users simultaneously, then it would be a definite thing to think about the total weight that could be carries by the trampoline.

You must buy the trampoline able to carry more weight than you think the trampoline users would be of.

This would be a good choice and would make the trampoline to be used for years after being bought.

10)Guarantee for breakages

Most of the things we buy come with a breakage warranty.

While buying a trampoline, you must need to know how much time warranty do it offers on its parts’ breakages.

Sometimes it so happens that users do not encounter that the trampoline is damaged and is being bought unconsciously.

So if there would be a breakages warranty it would be a safe hand for the users to entirely go through the performance of trampoline along with checking all parts of the trampoline to be properly placed.

The trampoline offering greater time period warranty would surely be good as the product itself speaks up for its durability by offering large time warranty.

Chapter 9: Trampoline Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Trampoline

We maintain every product we buy in some ways.

Similarly trampolines need maintenance too for keep performing in a great way.

Trampolines are growing fast as the most popular outdoor toys for kids and the most popular exercising or professional equipment.

Trampoline can be used for years if maintained properly.
Trampoline maintenance needs to keep several aspects of trampoline safety in mind.

Trampoline maintenance is very important to prolong the life of a trampoline.

You should also refer to the trampoline manual for specific and more detailed care & maintenance tips that may be unique to your trampoline design.

Below are some trampoline care and maintenance tips that you can use to prevent it from being damaged:

General care and maintenance tips

maintenance tips of trampoline

Regular maintenance checks are a best way to keep your trampoline in a good condition for a long time.

This not only keeps the trampoline performing great but also adds to its life time.

Here are some general tips you may look up for regular checks:

  • Punctures, holes, or tears in the trampoline mat or base
  • Sagging in trampoline mat
  • Loose stitching or any kind of deterioration of the trampoline mat
  • Bent or broken frame parts, such as the legs of the trampoline
  • Broken, missing, rusted or damaged springs
  • Any kind of holes or broken links between the safety net enclosure around the trampoline
  • Damaged, missing, or inappropriately attached frame pads
  • Protrusions of any type (especially sharp types) on the frame, springs, or mat of the trampoline
  • Any kind of water flow below the trampoline as it would cause the rusting of frame
  • Any damage to trampoline steel tubes, as they serve as the basic structure upon which a trampoline itself stands.
  • Prevent to keep any sharp object near trampoline
  • The nuts and bolts must be checked for any kind of rusting.
  • Make sure that the springs do not rust as they are responsible for rebounding. If the springs get rusted then it would badly affect the rebounding as well as user’s experience for rebounding.
  • Keep checking for any loose edge along the trampoline mat

If you encounter that your trampoline shows any of these signs or any other problems you feel may cause harm to the trampoline user, your trampoline should be disassembled or secured from use until the conditions have been resolved properly.

Safety should be a priority when on a trampoline and spotting a problem before it can develop is one of the best ways to prevent accidents or dangerous falls causing fractures through trampoline failure.

If children are the main users of a trampoline then these checks carry even more importance as safety should always be a key priority for parents.

It is recommended that when children are using trampoline, adult supervision must be a necessary tip to be followed as this makes an extra layer of security around children.

Some other tips that need to be followed are:

1)Never ever exceed the maximum weight limits

Every trampoline product has definitely a weight limit that the user could not go beyond.

Users should keep track of it as this would cause the trampoline to wear out while rebounding and would create a dangerous situation for the user.

A user manual is always available with the trampoline which consists off all the key points to be kept in mind while using a trampoline.

It also tells about the weight limit of the product.

This weight limit should never be exceeded as this can cause serious harm to the user.

If not cause falling off from trampoline at once, they would surely cause the trampoline parts to become loose and cause them to wear and tear. Sometimes trampolines are being overloaded by different users.

This is an alarming situation for insecurity of users on the trampoline as well as a severe damage to trampoline.

2)Wear soft clothes on a trampoline

While rebounding on a trampoline, this is a must to wear something soft on a trampoline.

It is best suitable to wear attire while using a trampoline as inappropriate clothing items may cause the trampoline to wear out.

Also this may cause some parts of trampoline to become loose and scratched.

Sometimes users are encountered to wear shoes on a trampoline.

You must be aware that you should not use shoes on a trampoline in any case as it may cause serious harm to you and your trampoline.

You should remove any sharp objects you may be wearing while going to use a trampoline.

Taking these precautions should prevent any unwanted damage to the trampoline mat.

3)Weather conditions that a trampoline needs to be cared in

In severe and inappropriate weather situations, trampolines can be blown around to a high degree.

If you are expecting windy weather conditions, your trampoline should definitely be moved to a sheltered area or should be disassembled to be packed away.

If you have a trampoline with a safety net enclosure you have the option to tie the top of the safety net of the trampoline to the ground using ropes and stakes.
To ensure security, we recommend that you should use at least three tie downs ensuring the trampoline is secure.

Do not just secure the legs of the trampoline to the ground because this could potentially pull the frame out of their sockets depending on the trampoline design.

Taking extra precautions when expecting severe weather should help to prolong the life of your trampoline and its great performance.

4)Movement of a trampoline

A trampoline may be required to be moved from one place to another due to many different reasons.

Never try to move it anywhere all alone as this may cause the trampoline parts to become loose or bent.

All the nuts, bolts and connectors should be wrapped with a weather security tape.

This would make an extra layer of safety to your trampoline and would make it long lasting as well.

Another important task that would be done by the weather security tape would be keeping tight and firm the other parts or joints of the trampoline from dislocating or separating.

While you lift a trampoline horizontally on the ground this would cause a bent in its frame, it is recommended that the trampoline should be moved by two or more person by lifting it off from the ground.
This would prevent the frame or legs from being bent. If this movement could not be done the trampoline should be disassembled.

5)What should not be carried on a trampoline

Mostly kids are encountered to carry toys along them on the trampoline.

This is strictly prohibited for the safety of both the user and the trampoline.

If sharp toys or heavy toys are carried upon the trampoline, it would cause the mat of the trampoline to be worn out.

So do not let your child to carry any toy or any equipment along with him/her to ensure the safety of your chis as well as the trampoline.

These safety tips and hints make up a general things to be kept in mind to the care and maintenance of your trampoline.

You should always consult the specific trampoline manuals & product sheets for the correct care of that trampoline.

All of our trampolines are of high quality and if maintained properly, it will bring years of joy to all its users.

Chapter 10: Trampoline safety

trampoline safety

Trampoline activities are the most popular among kids as outdoor activities.

Although trampolines come in different sizes and shapes.

Trampolines provide a relatively inexpensive source of enjoyment as well as a physical activity for many young children.

With age, children tend to have certain body changes as they are in development phase.

Some children are found to be interested in Olympic activities.

They start practicing trampoline at a young age.

Besides certain benefits of trampoline exercises, some dangers are also a part of them.

To avoid harmful and dangerous falls safety measures are needed to be taken.

Here is the 21 trampoline safety tips .

Below are some safety measures that are needed to be kept in mind by a trampoline user:

  • Trampoline is not suitable for children under six years of age because they are not physically developed enough that they may control their bouncing.
  • Trampolines may cause severe injuries that’s why adult supervision is necessary when kids are using trampoline.
  • Trampoline must be used with a safety net enclosure to avoid serious falls that may cause severe injuries.
  • Trampolines should not be moved horizontally against the ground to avoid bending of the trampoline frame and legs.
  • Never let more people to jump on the trampoline at a time. This may cause the trampoline to wear out and it can be really harmful.
  • Make sure to remove ladder after using trampoline to prevent unsupervised access by the kids.

Keeping the above safety tips in mind while using a trampoline makes good practice and keeps you away from any possible dangers.

This practice also makes a safe hand for kids and other professional and non-professional users.

Mostly the new users are not aware of any possible danger included in using a trampoline.

These tips would help the new users to safely use the trampoline and keep themselves secure from any possible dangers.

You can get to know further tips about trampoline safety and maintenance here.


Reading the above description, you will come to know various things that are important to be known before buying a trampoline.

You would find answers to all your questions for buying trampolines.

Trampolines need to be chosen according to their use and available space.

Moreover, the better the quality the better is the performance of trampoline.

You can easily choose a good quality trampoline for yourself after reading this buying guide.