trampoline exercise skillsWe should be blamed for the increasing number of outdoor trampoline accidents.

This is because over 79% of trampoline users don’t have the basic exercise skills and they don’t even bother to learn the basic trampoline skills.

Leave alone the advanced skills. I have conducted a number of surveys, but, the outcome of my surveys is really shocking.

It’s only 13% of parents who take time to train their kids on how to use the trampolines.

The outdoor trampoline exercises skills training play two integral roles:

1.They ensure that the trampoline users adopt safety exercise techniques. This aims at reducing the number of trampoline accidents.

2.The users can enjoy using trampoline for a long period of time since they can try a wide range of styles. This makes the entire process entertaining.

Apparently, there are a number of trampoline stores that offer different training programs.

The structure of the training program may vary, however, I am pretty sure that you’ll be able to learn more than three basic skills.

Generally, one’s creativity still plays an integral role here. However, you must learn how to manipulate the body structure to get the desired training.

In this article, I will cover some of the most common skills that make you enjoy being on your trampoline at all times.

The Basic Outdoor Trampoline Skills


The Fundamental Bounce

This is the simplest and one of the most common form of exercise.

You need to stand at the center of the trampoline, eyes focused on the frame pads with the head upright.

As you step on the trampoline mat, you’ll realize that the mat will tend to sink.

Swing the two arms forward and then up. While still in the air, ensure your two feet are together and the toes should point towards the trampoline mat.

When you’re just about to land, ensure your feet are about 30cm apart. This will increase your stability, thus, you won’t fall.

The fundamental bounce technique

                 The fundamental bounce technique

 The Knee Drop Technique

Begin the process while in a standing position. Always keep your eye on the trampoline frame pad.

You should land on your knees while keeping the body erect, then come back to the erect position. 

The knee drop technique

                               The knee drop technique

In case this is the first time you’re using a trampoline, don’t assume that these processes are too simple to an extent that you don’t need to practice.

It is through practice that you’ll be a professional in the simplest trampoline exercise skills.

The Hand And Knee Drop

This is an amazing technique that you can also adopt once you’ve mastered the knee drop technique.

In this outdoor trampoline exercise technique, you should start bouncing from an upright position.

When you’re just about to land on the mat, ensure you land on your knees and hands.

Again, you need push the mat with your hands and come back to the initial position (erect position).

You can emulate the images below.

The knee and hands technique

                                          The knee and hands technique


The Back Drop Technique

This is another interesting technique, however it is risky.

You are not an expert in this, you may end up braking your backbone.

It is recommended that you begin the practice with a light bounce than aim at landing with your back.

Ideally, you need to jump in a slanting position them land with your back while keeping your chin forward on your chest.

Then you should kick forward to go back to the initial potion (erect position).


The back drop jumping technique

                                                              The back drop jumping technique

The Sit Drop Skills

Here, you need to land in a sitting position with all the two legs parallel to the trampoline mat.

You should have all the two hands on the mat just next to your hips.

To return to your initial position, you can push the mat with your hands.

This will give you enough thrust upwards.

This is how you'll land on the trampoline mat

This is how you’ll land on the trampoline mat

The Front Drop Technique

Like the back drop, you have to be very cautious when it comes to this process.

The aim of this technique is to make you land on the mat in a prone position.

You need to start the process from a low bounce.

You should land with the head up with all the two arms extended forward on the trampoline mat.

You need to ensure that your head doesn’t hit the trampoline frames.

Push the mat with your arms to return to your initial position.

How you should expect to land on the mat

     How you should expect to land on the mat

The Half-Turntable

This is an advanced trampoline technique. It may seem difficult and challenging.

When you’re planning to go for the half-turntable technique, you’ll begin from the front drop position then push either to the left or right.

You’ll use your arms to turn your body in the direction that you desire.

You need to turn both your shoulder and head towards that direction.

Your back should remain parallel to the mat, but, remember to keep your head up.

After you have completed the half turn, you can land in the front drop position.

You can turn as indicated by the arrow

                                        You can turn as indicated by the arrow

The Swivel Hip Technique

This is an interesting technique just like the half turn-table.

Begin the process with a seat drop, then turn the head either to the left or to the right depending on the direction you desire.

You should swing your arms in the same direction too while turning the head, hips and arms in the same direction.

By doing this, you’ll achieve a complete twist. You should finalize the process by landing going back to the initial position i.e. landing on the drop position.

Take note of the direction of the arrow

                                                   Take note of the direction of the arrow


In summary, you can make the outdoor trampoline exercise really interesting if you adopt more than one technique.

Quite a number of people are only familiar with the fundamental bounce.

At the same time, you can’t be an expert in all these techniques. So, choose those actions your can perform best.

By the way ,be careful for the safety,remember to check this 21 trampoline safety tips before you start your jumping .