We always need to adopt an organized workout schedule approved by a trainer.

The trampoline workout programs are not exempted from this simple rule.

Seemingly, the available trampolines have been developed for different purposes.

trampoline workout

This also doesn’t dispute the fact that they are considered to be multi-purpose equipment – you can have fun, while working out at the same time.
In this article, I will expound on the simple step-by-step training processes that most people ignore in their workout schedules.

As a matter of fact, there’s no training schedule that can suit every individual.

When you purchase a trampoline specifically for fitness purposes, you need to consult your trainer who will be able to guide you throughout the entire process.

According to NerdFitness, adopting a specific training program is never an easy process.

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It may be really scary since most trampoline users are always anxious and some intimidated.
A research published on the WebMD about trampoline workout indicated that one can lose a substantial amount of calories.

This will depend on the kind of techniques one has adopted.

In most cases, people view trampolines as a place where they simply jump up and down.

However, this research has established that it is through this jumping that one can torch about 160 calories.

 torch 160 calories in half an hour

This will only depend on the types of trampoline workout program one shall have adopted.
The good thing about mini trampoline workout is that they have been adopted by very many people across the globe.

This is a clear indication of their effectiveness.

For instance, the 360 Transformation is one of those firms that encourage celebrities to use trampolines in their exercise routines.

The Health Benefits of Trampoline Workouts

Like any health and fitness program, incorporating trampoline in fitness programs have quite a number of benefits.

Someone who uses a trampoline for 10 minutes can be compared to an individual who runs one mile every day.

Below are some great benefits of trampoline workout :

  1. Help to Lose Weight and Keep Fit
  2. Increase Lymphatic Flow in The Body
  3. Increase Detoxification And Cleansing of The Body
  4. Improve The Functioning of The Immune System

Eric posted a great article about trampoline benefits , you can check it out here : 17 Benefits of Trampoline Exercise That May Make You Live Longer

17 trampoline workout benefits

Types of Trampoline Workout Programs

Generally, the workout programs involve a series of exercises.

They can be classified as either simple or complex exercise.

Again, the effectiveness of these programs will be determined by the ability of the trampoline user to learn the basic trampolining skills.

It is important that you learn some of these skills in advance.

Here are The Outdoor Trampoline Exercise Skills You Can Learn – From Basic To Advance.

trampoline workout skills
Again, don’t forget that safety is a crucial aspect when using the trampolines.

The number of trampoline related accidents have increased over the past few months.

The CDC is keen to highlight some of these fatal accidents.

Furthermore, The Huffington Post has also highlighted “an increase in trampoline accidents.”

This is why it is prudent that you learn the trampoline safety tips.

trampoline workout safety tips

It is important that you incorporate them in the trampoline workout schedule.
Having discussed these factors, let’s explore some of the key aspects that we can include in the trampoline workout program.

1.The Basic Trampoline Bounce

This is one of the simplest form of trampoline exercise to try out.

The good thing about it is that it burns a lot of calories besides, toning the body muscles.

You need to follow this simple instructions: stand on the trampoline with the feet about 15 cm apart.

Keep your elbows at your sides while bending your arms.

Bend the knees slightly and begin to jump up and down.

Ensure that your feet is about 15 cm every time.

If possible you can repeat this for 30 to 45 minutes every day.

Rebounding on a trampoline
This is an important form of exercise for people who have problems with the knee joints or ligaments.

It doesn’t subject your feet to high impact thou, you’re bound to burn a lot of calories.

2.The Trampoline Prances

It is an essential trampoline workout process that can increase your heart rate significantly.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage your hips and knees.

Keep your hands on your hips with your knees bent slightly as you bounce on the balls of the feet.

Be sure to alternate the left and the right knees. You should repeat this for about 60 minutes.

3.The Trampoline Squats

This is an effective trampoline workout program that will engage the core muscles of the body.

While standing on the mini trampoline, ensure the feet are together with all arms at your sides.

Jump to a height of about 30 cm and ensure you land on a squat position.

That is, you knees should be bent. Your thighs should be parallel to the trampoline surface.

Again, the arms should be in straight position.

Finish the process by bouncing back to you original position. Ensure you repeat the process about 20 times.
As a matter of fact, the effectiveness of a trampoline is only based on an individual’s creativity.
Again, it is also important to note that the types of trampoline workout exercises may be described by the nature of the movements involved in the process.


These may include:

1.The bicycle

You need to stretch your arms forward, keep both feet and should apart then begin to jump on the trampoline mat.

trampoline jumping mats

In this technique, it is your knees that absorb the impact.

2.The side-to-side technique

You can draw a circle or assume there is an imaginary circle on the trampoline.

Begin by starting from the center, jump to one side of the circle then cross over to the other side of the circle.

You need to do this repeatedly. This is similar to what other people describe as the back-to-front trampoline exercise.

NOTE: You must not jump too steep of too close to the edge to avoid slipping.

3.The “180 degrees”

Jump as you rotate in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

You should keep the arms and the feet apart as this will increase your stability.

NOTE: You must not continue to rotate in the same direction for a longtime since this will cause dizziness and you’re likely to fall.

How should we design the trampoline work out program

Now that you know the risks involved and the basic trampoline exercises, it is important to adopt a training program/schedule that will make you benefit from the entire process.

As I had indicated earlier, it is wise to go for a program that will fit in your routine.

NOTE: This program should form a foundation from which you can tailor one specifically for your working out programs.

The training program may run for a week or even months.

This will depend on the specific objectives you’d wish to achieve.
A trampoline workout program should have objectives.

These are the fundamental aspects that the trainer intends to achieve.

For instance, it could be: burning calories and increasing body strength.

Muscle toning

The work out alternate between the upper and the lower body sections. This will ensure that each muscle group of the body gets the attention it deserves when it comes to the entire training process.

This makes the frequency of trampoline training an important aspect in the training program too.

Below is a simple, but effective training program.

You can decide on the corresponding training exercise that is suitable for you.

Level of trampoline training

Training objectives

The recommended training exercise


 No specific objective but, keeping fit or may be to have fun A 3-day full body workout. The recommended exercise may include basic trampoline bounce


 Increasing, burning calories and  improving trampoline performance A 2-days focusing on upper  muscles and 2 days focusing on  lower muscles. This should be  followed by 3 days of full body  workout. This may include  advanced trampoline training. 



The objectives may be similar to those in the intermediate trampoline workout program. This group mainly focus on building body muscles, increasing strength and getting toned.3 days working out upper and lower muscles and 3 days full body work out. You have to focus on advanced trampoline skills.

NOTE: You need to specify the number of hours you train and stick to that schedule.

Trampoline training requires a lot of discipline and this is one aspect that most people tend to forget.

Again, you need to be flexible when designing the training program.

All the training programs you find online may not be suitable for you.


Trampolines are effective working out equipment. They are the best alternative for the expensive and heavy training equipment.

However, the effectiveness of a specific training session will depend on the trampoline workout program you have adopted.

Always be flexible to adopt a training schedule that you’re comfortable with.

Don’t forget to involve professional trampoline trainer during the early stages before you master the required procedures.