Mini Trampoline

///Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline

Domijump mini Trampolines offer a safe, progressive and effective way to exercise. They come in unique designs that folds into smaller components. These trampolines feature an all-steel frame that is rugged with detachable rubber tipped legs. They have a heavy-duty rebounding capability with quality, safety pads. They are available with a range of weight capacities ranging between 200 to 300 pounds, is a fun way of doing exercises both indoors and outdoors.

With an array of professional makes at Domijump including spring trampolines made of steel and an even better bungee cord trampoline made of codes. There are specialized high quality designs that feature the latest technological advancements. It guarantees an enjoyable exercise experience with unmatched performance for years.



  • 20μm Zinc Coatedn plus powder coating
  • Perfect and smooth welding
  • 0.35mm PVC with UV Stabilizer TINUVIN783 FB
  • TUV approved PE, UV resistant, tear-proof 140g/m² net structure


More Details
SizeHeightFrame tubeLegspringspring padPacking Size(cm)
32inch22.5cm25*25*1.0mm5pcs,Dia25*1.5mm26pvc+EPE foam84*9.5*48cm
36inch22.5cm25*25*1.0mm6pcs,Dia25*1.5mm30pvc+EPE foam94*9.5*50cm
38inch22.5cm25*25*1.0mm6pcs,Dia25*1.5mm32pvc+EPE foam98*9.5*52cm
40inch22.5cm25*25*1.0mm6pcs,Dia25*1.5mm32pvc+EPE foam105*9.5*55cm
45inch27.5cm25*25*1.0mm8pcs,Dia25*1.5mm36pvc+EPE foam115*9.5*62cm
48inch27.5cm25*25*1.0mm8pcs,Dia25*1.5mm38pvc+EPE foam124*9.5*66cm
50inch27.5cm25*25*1.0mm8pcs,Dia25*1.5mm40pvc+EPE foam139*9.5*72cm
54inch27.5cm25*25*1.0mm8pcs,Dia25*1.5mm44pvc+EPE foam139*9.5*72cm
58inch27.5cm25*25*1.0mm8pcs,Dia25*1.5mm44pvc+EPE foam145*9.5*76cm
60inch27.5cm25*25*1.0mm8pcs,Dia25*1.5mm48pvc+EPE foam154*9.5*81cm

All Our trampolines have passed the TUV GS and CE testing,also,Our factory has passed the BSCI Testing .Download these below:

certificate-3                              certificate-2                             certificate-1