Trampoline Plastic Parts

///Trampoline Plastic Parts

Trampoline Plastic Parts

Trampoline Plastic Parts

Domijump has invested in quite a number of trampoline plastic accessories. Plastic is an affordable material that is used to manufacture various trampoline parts. A common component is the trampoline plastic part is the enclosure net pole caps, which are available in different colors and shapes. The choice of a particular size will depend on the size of the trampoline pole.


  1. There is a wide range of colors to compliment the prevailing trampoline theme and for an added aesthetic value
  2. Molding plastic is easy thus, they are a wide range of shapes available.
  3. They are cheap and easy to install
  4. They are strong and durable


More Details

All Our trampolines have passed the TUV GS and CE testing,also,Our factory has passed the BSCI Testing .Download these below:

certificate-3                              certificate-2                             certificate-1