Installing the trampoline foam sleeves is an essential safety measure.

It will prevent trampoline users, especially the kids from getting hurt by any chance they happen to bump on the trampoline pole.

Remember, the trampoline poles are manufactured from metals so, this can cause injuries.

trampoline steel enclosure poles
These trampoline accessories are available in a wide range of configurations.

This includes both the color and design.

The end users can opt for yellow, blue, red, green or a customized color.

They are also UV protected thus, these foams sleeves can withstand the harmful radiations from the sun.

This makes them a perfect choice for the outdoor trampolines.

They are also waterproof thereby, preventing moisture and dampness.

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The structure of the trampoline foam sleeves

This trampoline part has one of the simplest designs.

During the manufacturing process, the choice of materials used to make these foam sleeves is very crucial.

It is the materials that determine the extent to which the sleeve can guarantee safety.

In most cases, the manufacturers have to choose among different types of materials that may include the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and expanded polyethylene (EPE).

foam sleeves
In the recent past, a number of laboratory tests have proved that the EPE is the most suitable material that is used to manufacture the trampoline sleeves.

They are the best foam materials that have been discovered so far.

Why is the EPE foam preferred to EPP or EPS foam?

The expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam is a cellular plastic material whose properties are similar to the expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam.

The EPP is a low density closed cell foam with one of the best energy absorption characteristics.

It is known to possess one of the best recoverability properties.

It doesn’t matter the number of times the material has been subjected to deformations.

Ideally, the material is dimensionally stable even when it has been subjected to very extreme temperatures.

EPE foam for trampoline safety pads
The EPE is a popular material in the trampoline foam sleeve manufacturing industry since it is superior to EPP.

That is, it guarantees a high degree of resiliency and flexibility.

It can withstand repetitive deformations without losing its structural integrity.

Therefore, the trampoline users will remain safe even if they happen to hit the trampoline frames a number of times.

In fact, this is the main reason why it is recommended for the hockey goalkeeper pad design.
As a matter of fact, only a few materials can match the effectiveness of the EPE.

round trampoline all size

Other key features include:

1.The have a lightweight

This implies that the sleeve foams will not add a large amount of weight on the trampoline.

This ensures that the center of gravity remains as low as possible.

This makes the trampoline more stable.

2.It is dimensionally stable

It can maintain its shape in fluctuating temperature conditions.

3.It is inert

It is not affected by most organic compounds and solvents. Moreover, it is also non-toxic.

4.It is a versatile product that can be foamed into different shapes.

Thus, it is easier to customize a trampoline design and structure.


From the above properties, it is worth noting that EPE foams are the best materials for trampoline foam sleeves.

Therefore, as a consumer, it is advisable to purchase the foam sleeves manufactured from this material.

They are reliable and their performance is predictable.