Importing trampolines can be a challenging process, however, with the right tips, you can go about the process successfully.

A number of English speaking countries really find it difficult to venture in China, may be just because of the language barrier.

This shouldn’t be the case.
For trampoline importers, they have a lot to gain from a hub of trampoline factories – China.

shipping trampoline from China

This country has a number of manufacturing companies that sell their trampolines at lower prices.

This implies a high return.

A research published by a number of companies revealed that companies that import from China have a competitive edge over others.

That is, those trampoline suppliers and distributors from other countries such America and European.
As of 2013, the China trampolines were already in the U.S. and U.K markets, leave alone Australia and other parts of Asia.
In this article, we shall explore 10 basic factors that are vital for any trampoline importer.

The structure may seem complicated thou simple.

It requires one to understand how to manage the long-distance relationships and organizing international transport.

Not forgetting the customs clearance.

In case you’re considering importing from China, here are the top 10 tips that you must observe.

1.What are your import objectives?

These are the main things you need to define.

First, you need to be trampoline distributor or supplier.

It is important that you understand your business strategy.

Whether you’ll be reselling the trampolines to consumers/end user or to other sellers.

This is a crucial part of this business.

This will act as a blueprint for the success of your trampoline business.

2.Identify a trampoline factory

When you import directly from the factory, there’s a possibility that you’ll get the best deals.

That is, you’ll be able to access these products at a lower price.

The trampoline manufacturing company should be reliable and genuine.

It should be a company that has complied with all the rules and regulations in China.
More importantly, try to establish whether the manufacturer has outsourced any work to subcontractors.

Dealing with trampoline subcontractors will only increase the price of each trampoline.
In addition to these, it is important that you understand the culture of the Chinese market.

This will help you to establish a good relationship with the supplier or the manufacturing company.

If you can understand Mandarin language, the better.

May be some short phrases that can make you to build mutual confidence.

3.Always try to negotiate the right deal with trampoline manufacturer

You must understand your strength and weaknesses alongside the priorities of your supplier.

You must aim to build a good relationship with your supplier as it will make it easy for commercial transactions.

Negotiating the right deal will be determined by the right connections you make with the company.

As a general rule, don’t pay so much that you’ll end up selling the trampolines at a higher price.

In such a situation, it will be pointless importing trampolines from China.

4.You should have a clear contract

The Chinese trampoline manufacturers value clear contracts without any ambiguity.

They avoid fraudulent supplier and distributors like a plague.

It should be a clear contract that sets out the payment and delivery models.

It should be based on the international commercial terms.

This will eliminate any instances of misunderstandings.

It should highlight all the key elements of the agreement.

5.Decide on the method of transportation

You need to have a clear infrastructure on how you’ll make all the imported trampolines get to your country, be it in Europe or America.

Normally, you have two options here, you can outsource the work or handle all the logistics by yourself.

Again, most people prefer shipping by sea since it is affordable though somehow slow.

In case you’re importing trampoline parts say springs, you can consider shipping by air.

Choosing either air or sea will depend on the types of trampoline parts you’ve imported from China and whether you need them urgently or not.

6.You must declare your imports

This is a common tradition across the globe, thus, trampoline imports are not exempted.

The procedure will depend on your geographical location.

Normally, for the trampoline distributors within the European Union (EU), the trampoline imports must be declared to the HM Revenue & Customs.

Those in EU user the Single Administrative Document.

7.Taxes and duty imports

You need to establish the exact amount of VAT or any other import duty fees you’ll pay for your products.

This may vary from one country to the other.

Again, the selling prices in your country will depend on the amount of money you shall have spent in the entire process.

8.Get all the legal documents for the trampoline import business

This is vital when you want to do business with the trampoline factories in China.

Every country/state have different ways they control trampolines manufactured from China.

Therefore, try to find out if by any chance you may require an import license.

Just ensure you have all the legal documents to facilitate the importation process.

9.Commodity codes

There are countries within the European and American market where a commodity code may be required.

A good example is in the United Kingdom.

For example, trampoline suppliers in the EU region, should have a ten-digit number for all trampolines imports from China.

10.Familiarize yourself with the trade tariffs within your region

This will help you to understand the amount of money you’ll pay to facilitate the entire process.

That is, if you need to pay VAT, acquire a license or other payments.


In summary, you’ll be importing trampolines in China to maximize on your profits.

Therefore, you need to fulfill all your obligations as a trampoline importer.

You must adhere to all rules and regulations that govern the entire process.

Again, you need to calculate all the amount of money you’ll spend.

These should include the transportation plus all taxes.

You must ensure that you’ll sell the imported trampolines at a profit.

Otherwise, there will be no need of importing trampolines from China.