In most cases, we do pay expensively for kids to have fun. It is not strange since it has become part of our daily life. The pay may range between $10 and over $50. This will depend on the facility and the kind of equipment the kid is using.

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Let the truth be told, kids are very creative, they can create a game and have fan out of anything. They have remained to be the happiest creatures in the world.

The advancement in the computer technology, graphics and sophisticated software, have seen quite a number of computer games being developed. But, are they healthy or the kind of fun kids will enjoy most?

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Maybe you may have a different opinion about it, but, the mini trampoline for kids is one of the best recreation equipment ever invented.

mini trampoline for kids

As a parent, you shouldn’t let your kid grow obese as you watch. You will be nurturing a deadly health complication that can lead to the death of your kid. May be the kid will blame you for having allowed him/her spend most of the time playing computer games.

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Take your kid out, let him/her jump and have fun. Staying healthy and having fun is important.

The history of trampoline

Trampoline is not a new technology. The existing equipment is just an improvement of the old trampoline we see in movies and read in history books.

The Inuits practiced trampoline by tossing each other in the air by the use of a Walrus Skin. Also in Europe, people tossed others in the air by the use of blanket.

Walrus Skin

In 1887, life nets which looked like trampolines were used by firemen to try to catch people who jumped from burning buildings in order to save lives.

In the 19th century, Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal performed on a trampoline, which is believed to have been more of a spring board than a combination of fabrics and coiled springs as is the case today. This marked the use of these important equipment.


In addition to this, early 20th century, a group of acrobats used a bouncing made like a trampoline to amuse fans on the stage. It was a thrilling moment and this could be a reason why kids scream and shout as an indication of enjoying whatever they are doing.

acrobats on trampoline

Du Trampoline observed and saw an opportunity in a trapeze safety net in that it would be able to propel and also offer a landing ground. He did further experiments and then reduced the net to the practical size.

In 1936, two students from the University of lower,George Nissen, who was a gymnastics and driving competitor and Larry Griswold, a tumbler on the gymnastics team, developed the modern trampoline. It marked the main foundation for the mini trampoline for kids.

Trampoline is a word Spanish which means diving board which he had heard on demo in Mexico. In 1942, they created trampoline and gambling company in Cedar Rapid, Lowa and commercialized the art.

What is the meaning of trampoline?

A Mini Trampoline is a circular board like equipment fitted with fabrics and coiled springs. They come in different configurations with the most common types having a diameter less than a meter and slightly raised above the ground.

This is mostly used for physical fitness within the house. Their efficiency depend on several factors such as the surface area and the type of fabric.


What are the benefits of mini trampoline for kids?

Besides, it being a great way to tame kids while maintaining fun it has a lot other advantages in the early life of your kids.

Below are some of the many benefits your beautiful lady or handsome boy can gain when they use this equipment. And remember exercising on a trampoline is far as quite a number of benefits than jogging.

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These key benefits include:

1. Improved blood circulation

This is an active exercise. This means that sweating (in fact a lot of sweating) is included. Once your kid performs active and fun exercise (which he/she is likely to do again and again) all the organs in the body become very active, hence blood circulation is improved.

This includes the brain and other parts of the body.

blood circulation

Blood circulation is one of the important aspects that is used to determine kids’ health. This will ensure a good circulation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Again, it will ensure that the waste products such as carbon dioxide is eliminated from the body within the shortest time possible.


2. Lower cholesterol in the body

A parent is not be 100% sure about the kind of food his/her kids eat. As much you’ll try to ensure that the kid eats healthy food, there are chances that they may consume junk foods too. So, how do you save the kid from accumulating high amount of cholesterol or fats in the body?

This is really the best form of exercise that can help kids to burn calories. Instead of taking your kids for dance lessons, trampoline could be a perfect choice.

By taking your kids to have fun on a mini-trampoline, they will burn those excess fats. Exercise or workouts are designed to increase the metabolic rate.

The good thing about this equipment is that the kid may not notice that he/she is burning fats. They will keep on jumping and having fun with other kids.

girl- play on trampoline

3. Improved balance and coordination

For successful fun on the mini trampoline for kids, the mind, the soul and the body must be included. At least if a kid is to keep the fun going by maintaining the height and reaching new ones, then the three components must be included. This in turn improves the general balance of your kid and coordination abilities shoots up.

These are important traits that you shouldn’t let the kids miss. Kids with the ability to maintain balance and coordination will excel in other areas such as in academics.

maintain balance on a trampoline

4. Reduces stress and tension

Kids are human beings, they get bored, unhappy and stressed up at times. These are natural phenomenon. But, why let your kids suffer from the conditions you have control over?

While in school, kids go through a lot of challenges such as inability to excel, arrogant teachers, etc. The mini trampoline for kids is the only equipment that can save your kids from this boring condition. So, make an attempt of taking your kid out for some of these sessions.

5. Improves muscle tone

The joy of a parent is to see his/her kid grow up into a strong and energized adult. This starts from the basic exercises a kid does from childhood. Although this exercise seems basic, it is a major exercise that guarantees your kid toned muscles. Kids who do not do exercise are weak and appear to be sick all the time.

Kids on trampoline

Types of mini-trampolines for kids

There are different types of trampoline that have been designed to ensure that kids have the best recreational equipment. They vary in design, brand and performance. Some of the most common types of mini trampoline include

1. Spring trampolines

In this type the mat at the centre is tied to the rims by the use of steel springs. These steel springs make the spring mini-trampolines firm hence they able to accommodate even stronger rebounds (or bounces).

These are the most popular trampolines and they are affordable. If you can’t afford the cost of going to a recreational facility, then this could be a better option for the kids to have fun at home.
trampoline for kids


2. Bungee cord trampolines

In this type the mat the centre is tied to the rims by the use of cords. This is advantageous because it is soft on the jumper’s joints unlike the spring type where it is harsher. This softness makes the kids desire to rebound more and more. This will make them to do more of this hence, doing more exercises.

Bungee cord is the best as it quieter and firm hence cutting down on maintenance costs. They have additional features such as features such as extra padding and cushioning in order to keep up with their playful nature.

Bungee cord trampolines

What to consider when buying

So how will you ensure that you get the right equipment for your kids? There are a number of things you need to consider. When you step into a shop to purchase a mini-trampoline for kids, here is some guidelines to look at:

1. Construction and durability

It should be one that is durable. It is important that you evaluate every component of the trampoline. They should be durable and cost effective to maintain. These may include the nature of the spring, fabric etc.

2. Capacity and dimensions

One should also look at the amount of weight that these facilities can withstand. Buying something without considering the weight of the kid may lead to accidents. The dimensions are also an important aspect when you’re planning to buy these products.

Other aspects may include, the brand, portability, design, color and shape.

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The mini trampoline for kids is an important equipment in the kid’s growth and well-being. It is one of the best ways to ensure that kids perform the required exercise. It has quite a number of health benefits. The durability and capacity are essential factors to consider while purchasing these products.

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