Trampolines are always a fun way to keep fit and to get regular exercise for the whole family.

But the price of a trampoline usually comes as a surprise to many people.

A majority of people often think that trampolines are cheap or rather have the same price regardless of their shapes and sizes.

It is important to understand that trampolines have different price tags. These prices are dictated by the features that a trampoline holds.

Such features determine whether a trampoline will be expensive or cheap.

mini trampoline in the room

This article has given an overview of how the features of a trampoline determine its price.

1.Style and Shape

The first thing that will determine the price of a trampoline is its style and shape.

You can often find trampoline in round , triangle shape . but some suppliers also make oval shape and triangle shape .

Triangle trampoline is often for the little baby which need to be with a bar .Oval trampoline is not very popular and few people will buy it .

Rectangular trampolines have many application . Some parents may buy them for their children , also you will find that on the Olympics competition.

For round trampoline , it is the most popular shape children like.and also the price is better than others.

2.Safety factor

Safety factor goes a long way to determining the price of a trampoline.

Trampolines are usually hazardous if they are not used with safety precautions such as the safety net enclosures.

Majority of trampolines of different sizes and shapes that are not designed with safety measures are often cheap.

Most people do not know much about the importance of safety nets in trampoline.

These nets prevent fatal trampoline accidents from occurring by a large fraction.

Hence, a trampoline that is equipped with a safety net is probably more expensive than one without.

Some days ago , I wrote an list article about trampoline safety tips ,you can check that out .

3.Trampoline Accessories

Some trampoline brands come with trampoline parts while others do not.

These accessories have an impact on the price of the equipment.

They  go a mile further to make the trampoline experience more exiting and worthwhile.

The ladder is one of the several accessories that come with the trampoline. It is convenient for children.

ladders used for trampoline

Also, among the accessories are the spring cover, stakes, surrounding mats and also games like basketball.

However, it is important to understand that these accessories do not always come with the trampoline.


The quality of a trampoline brand also plays a major role in determining how much it will cost.

The quality of a trampoline will dictate how long the equipment will last.

Quality brands are made with good and quality metals that will not bend or break over a short period.

Such trampolines also guarantee safety to the user hence will be much costly than the low-quality trampolines.

Getting your hands on a quality equipment will not only guarantee you of a long term use but will also help you keep low cost in the long run.


While purchasing a trampoline, its price will depend on whether it is new or used.

This, however, depends on a person’s preference and choice.

A used trampoline will cost less than a new trampoline. Its price is attributed to the fact that a used trampoline will have signs of wear and tear.

Such trampolines are usually not the best to buy.

They can pose health hazards since they have worn out a bit and can break at any given time.

On the other hand, new and unused trampolines have higher price tags on them. And they can be worth the price in the long run because it will serve you for a long time.


Last but not the least of the features that dictate the cost of trampolines is their sizes.

Trampolines come in different sizes which you can buy depending on how it works with your family.

If you have a family with a number of kids, then you will need a trampoline of a bigger size. On the other hand, a smaller trampoline will be cheaper.

For example, a mini trampoline is cheaper than the normal size trampolines.

It foes for around 50 dollars. For a smaller round trampoline without guards, expect to pay around 200 dollars, for a bigger size trampoline, for example a bigger rectangular trampoline, expect to spend around 1800 dollars.


Trampoline cost is one of the many factors to consider when purchasing a trampoline.

These factors are vital in determining the lifespan and the quality of the trampoline.

The features discussed above will usually determine the amount of money you are likely to spend on a trampoline.

Prices of trampolines will vary from store to store so the best thing to do when you want to purchase a trampoline is to research on the different prices.

After it is all said and done, choosing a trampoline to buy will depend on your choice and preference.

As much as you should go for the one that fits your budget, it is advisable that you go for an expensive trampoline rather than cheap one.

An expensive trampoline will not only provide you with comfort that you need, but also safety for you and your kids.